Bartonella henselae is a gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium. It is known as the pathogen of cat-scratch disease. This infectious disease is transmitted by scratching injuries caused by cats and is identified on the basis of lymph node swelling on the armpit, neck or groin region and often progresses in a benign manner. Patients with existing immune weaknesses tend to sicken more easily and for longer periods.

New studies have shown that ticks in endemic areas can be infected with Bartonella, therefore it is likely that tick bites may result in subsequent infections.


Tests offered by BCA-lab:


Bartonella IgG antibodies Serum tubes
Bartonella Elispot CPDA tubes
DNA-PCR Bartonella, after positiv result
→ differentiation of species Bartonella-DNA PCR
2-3 large ETDA tubes