Flow-through cytometry

The CD57+Immune cells can correlate with pathogen activity, indicate a weakened immune system and are used as diagnostic markers.

The CD57+Immune cells are measured with the established method of flow-through cytometry, which is used in many areas of medicine for cell characterisation. The CD57+cells are natural killer (NK) cells.

Material: 1 x Heparin tubes + 1 x EDTA tubes (Do not centrifuge. Store at room temperature. Do not cool.)

Turnaround time: Two days (Note: Taking into account the required pre- and post-analytical work, the report is created in about one week)

Further reading and studies can be found here

We also analyse your entire immun status:

The following parameter are included:


CD57 positiv NK killer cells
CD3+ T lymphocytes (relative)
CD4+ T lymphocytes (relative)
CD8+ T lymphocytes (relative)
CD3+/HLADR+ T lymphocytes (relative)
NKT cells CD3+/CD16+/56+ (relative)
NK cells CD16+/CD56+  (relative)
CD19+ B lymphocytes (relative)
CD19+/CD5+ B lymphocytes (relative)

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